About me



Martin B.

Born in 1957 in Mikolow. He spend his childhood and youth in Tychy. In 1985 he left Poland, considering the idea of borders and countries as a relict of the past. After many relocations he settled in Berlin. Since 1989 he is also present in Poland as a publisher, translator, photographer and graphic designer. In his earlier life - an actor, a director, poet, artistic craftsman, geologist, gardener, decorator-gastronome, entrepreneur, warehouseman, IT specialist, yoga and meditation teacher. His contemporary creations derive from these experiences and from the belief that art is a form of dialogue with the world treated as an entirety. Older and newer works are the evidence - starting from gently modified photographs of distant, often exotic places, through combination of impressive color fragments forming a consistent whole, to the mysterious and delicate, often very personal, symbolic graphics that create complete images.

From the observation of the world to its creation.


Literary-artistic quarterly "sZAFa" 51/2014



My works are present in private and public collections in Poland, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Holland, Great Brittain and in Italy.

I am in constant cooperation with the galleries: Variates (Kraków), Miriam (Tychy), Ether (Warszawa, Oranż (Gdańsk), Vivid (Wrocław) as well as with online galleries: Variart, Cavaletto, Pepiniera and Unique Art House.